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      Gain hope, lose hope


this is my junior life as a continuation of confuse on her,,

My junior life starts just simple.

Studying, laughing with my friends. But time goes on I start again teasing her.

One day, I was thinking of my problems that i didn't notice that she calls me.

And because of that she calls me "suplado". And she don't talk to me for a month.

These all ends when she texts me.

But I notice that she sometimes avoid me.

Then during our sembreak,

she asks me through text, who is my crush.

Of course I tell the truth.

The truth that she is my crush.

But I notice that she avoid me when classes resume. I didn't know the reason but I think that it is because of what I had revealed.

And her avoidance for me came all the way of the remaining months of my junior life, she talks to me sometimes when asking something but I feel her avoidance to me. I greatly feel it during our role play. We again are partners and she doesn't look at me in practice even we two had the scene in our practice.

The time that I only talk to her is the time when we dance together during our Junior-Senior Promenade, popularly known as JS prom.

We talk on different things that we didn't do during the last months.

One evening, I chatted her in computer. And she asks againg who is my crush.

Again I tell her that she is my crush. I also tell that I am sad when she avoid me. And she just says that I am maybe always sad ,because maybe she knows that she avoid me many times.

The next day I was shocked at her because she starts talking to me!

But the following day she became busy and I feel sad because of it.

I just stay on the other room beside our room where no classes our held.

Then I notice that there our people coming to the room.

And I saw that she is the one coming together with our other classmates

That afternoon, my other classmates told me that my crush went to the other room because of me.

And our recogniton day came. It's time to say goodbye to class especially her.

But before leaving the school, I give her a gift and I didn't know if she likes it or not.


my best friend has also crush on her and it's too difficult for that situation


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