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      The love of my life


The funny thing is that i remember everything like it happened yesterday. I love this boy so much its not even funny. We started talking on msn, in 2007 of february.

The first time we talked i ddint think we wud go into a relationship because we were two opposite ppl. We started talking everyday for a long time. Then he came to see me at my work that day and we had lots of fun. i remember every place we stepped in and everything we did. Then we started to go out and everything was good but then we started to fade away and stopped talking. at that point i felt soo horrible. But i knew i had to get over him and i was ok at that time bcuz we went out for lik a month. after that i really wanted to talk 2 him but inside of me i cudnt. cuz he had hurt me. i still did call him at times. and we talked for a little bit. and i was stil thinkin about him but then i found sum1 else and thought i wud forget about him..which i didnt i ended up still wanting to talk 2 him. then he skipped skool with his best frend one day and came to my skool...and i saw him then that nite i messaged him and we started talkin nd he tellin me he we started goin out that day of november 21 2007. i was really happy and those 2 months gone by soo good and loved him soo much more. then we started havin prblems.i think im the problem but i hate lies and him goin n out with ppl. and lik he can do stuff for other ppl but not for me. he does come c me but thats really it. i even ran away and went to his house and we had the best time. and i thought after that we wud love each other to death. he knows i love him soo much but i dono if he loves me as much. so thats y i get mad all the time. and i dnt feel like he loves me. i still think he loves that gurl that he loved sooo much. i dono if  i shud jus steap away from he can get the love he wants. and its hard havin a person who can jus leave u in a sec cuz anythinn c can happen. but love isnt fair. so im jus gonna keep stayin strong and love him. :(


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