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      Confuse on her.


I start teasing her at the beginning of my sophomore years. I teased her every time i had saw her. Then we had our new seating arrangement. I didn't expected her to be my seatmate. I was only shocked that my teacher called her name to be my seatmate.

We had a great bonding to each other. Our other seatmate tried to teased us.

But we didn't like to make it as a big news to our classroom.

Then we had our new seating arrangement. At first this was nothing to me but time goes on, I start missing her.

At the end of our sophomore years we have 2 role play projects.

One is on English and we had our practice during weekends.

On our first practice and the following practices, we talk to each other seldom. But during our last practices, I teased her again just like before, i didn't forget how our classmates teased us but of one thing that I didn't forget is that he shot a bow and it falls near on my eyes. But I didn't get mad at her.

The next role play is about Florante at Laura.

We are partners then.

It's hard for me to be her partner because our classmates

had teased us especially in the last part of the play on which we hug each other.(I will not forget that!!)

and that's my sophomore life with her..

coming soon my Junior life..

[Christian Cuevas]


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