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      A Story About Love


This is a story of my friend whom awakens me of what really the quest of what we called Love is all about. My friend is a nurse, she used to work in one of the prime hospital in the city. She happens to be acquainted with one of the doctors, (a surgeon) on the said hospital. The doctor is married with a not quite dysfunctional wife (also a doctor). As the doctors spent hours in the hospital doing his thing, my friend also does hers. And sooner they learned that they fell in love with each other. My friend got involve with the doctor romantically and they had a relationship whom my friend don't want to call it that way. (As she knew it'll be calling her the other woman). We, as friends never questioned the trouble she got into as we also see the hardship she was into just as not to get near the doctor. She really fell in love with the doctor but she knew it was wrong and that she might endanger a family because of her love, she let it go. My friend resigned from work and move from another city. And now she is happily dating also with a doctor but this time, a bachelor.

I just want to share this to all, that truly we can never be happy with something that is wrong and we will always be happy with something that is right. And if situation may call it, we really have to choose what is right over to what will make us happy and surely happiness will come along in thousand folds unexpectedly.


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