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      All that glitters is not gold


We met in the Fall of '99. I was having marital problems, and considering divorce at the time. Everything was great at first. He was everything I ever wanted: long dark hair, big brown eyes, devilish smile, native American bloodline...not to mention charming, sweet, affectionate and had the manners of a true gentleman.

We lived one state apart, but he emailed me often, and we talked for hours online and he called when he could. He acted like he really cared. I was falling in love...or so I thought. He made it look like I was the only one he wanted. But over time, I found out he had posted several personal ads on the Net, and then pretended to not know about them. He lied on his profiles. Now I'm wondering how many lies he has told me within the two years I've known him. When we argue, I'm always in the wrong, the one to blame. Always my fault, in his eyes. He can't keep a job because according to him, THEY screw him over. Every time. Or so he says. I'm always the one to go and see him, he always has some excuse for not coming to my home. He doesn't email me anymore, or call. When he has a job, he's too busy to keep in touch, then when he's unemployed, he's too broke. Always some excuse. I gave him everything, he took it all and never gave in return. I loved him, he took my love for granted, took ME for granted.

Well, now I don't love him anymore, I don't care. I went back to the one who truly loves me for who I am and made it work this time. In a way, I'm sad for having to let my Indian go, but so happy that my husband and I have found each other again and have fallen in love all over again--this time, for good. I haven't yet told my Indian that he's been dumped. I've been too busy to keep in touch...just like him.

Maybe some day he'll get a clue. By then, he'll realize he lost a good thing. All that glitters is not gold. If it doesn't need polishing, it's not worth keeping.

So long, Sparrowhawk. Fly away, you're free now.


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