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      My Best Friend


When i was in 6th grade, i had the biggest crush on this guy, Ill call him Bob since i dont wanna mention names.....He was truely amazing. Cute, Funny....the whole package. I really liked him. However his best friend, Ned ill call him Ned since i dont wanna mention names , liked me, so he wouldn't make a move. The only reason he would talk to me was to try to get me to talk to Ned. So, to make him happy, i talked to Ned.. I later found out Ned was actually more cute and funny than Bob was. Ned asked me out and of course i said yes. Later, Bob moved to another town so we never really had a chance. I really liked Ned and eventually fell in love. 7th grade rolled around and we were head over heels in love with each other. I had totally forgotten about Bob. Ned had brought Bob with him a couple of times over to my house and we started texting each other and talking over Myspace. We were just friends. Since i loved Ned.


Every year my school throws a party for the graduating 8th graders and ned had gotten invited to help with the dance. I trusted him...but later on found out that he had cheated on me with this girl, Ashley.


All my friends liked Ashley and didnt feel for me at all. Ned had a new girl. And i was heart broken. I started talking to Bob again about Ned and what had happened. I soon realized that i still had feelings for Bob. He was even more amazing than i had remembered. We flirted but never really got into a relationship. He liked me too, except he had a girlfriend. I never realized before that my one true love was right under my nose the entire time. Bob broke up with His girlfriend and now we are happily going out.


I have a very good feeling we will be together for a very long time.


As for Ned?

He broke up with Ashley and asked me back out. Pathetic.






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