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      I hate her.


"when you are in love things make even more sense". I got this line from the best seller book. Actually it is right. I knew it when i fell in love for the first time. I was seventeen when i liked one girl. We used to study in same class and we are of similar levels. Though i was not good in study but she was brilliant in it. I fell in love with here when i saw her for the first time, all i wanted to impress her which was not an easy task. She had a wonderful look, like of an angel. Her blue eyes, curly hair wow made me mad. I knew i love her but failed to express. One day i collected all the senses and said what i feel about her. I said i love her. She accepted my love proposal and we started living our life in our manner. But one day one guy of our class proposed her, he was handsome, more importantly he was rich, richer then me. I thought she would deny his proposal but my hunch went wrong. She said she too love him. I knew she betrayed me. I knew she forget the promise we made together. Maybe this is the rule of love, i thought and wept a lot. I wept because i was ashamed, i was ashamed because this is how god repaid to those who believe in love. The day she betrayed me, i made a promise that i would not fall in love again. I hate those who got their love because i never got mine.


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