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      Best of both worlds


i went to the local zoo when i was 8 i met a boy there who thought he was related to wolf i was in love i am now happily married at 23 with  2 kids. My husband is a lawyer he is not the wolf boy. See the strange thing is i lead a double life one i am in love with a suitable loving rich successful husband and with two little boys i get everything go to the best party's i know the best people it is the best life.


My other life is with the wolf boy we met again when i was at the young tender age of 13 i fell in love all over again this time he was hairy like a wolf he makes me feel so safe we made our home like a cave we have 20 kids a hand full but i love it i prefer this life because i never have to have a bath or shave i can be myself i don't have to eat with a knife or fork my kids are my cubs my husband is my strong wolf!


It is bad prefer one life but i have the best of both worlds one month i'm with my wolf family in our cold cave (we huddle to keep warm) with the wolf family i had my first kid at 13 when I'm with them my other family think I'm at a meeting.  My other family are the perfect family normal happy and rich when I'm with the posh family the wolf family think I'm out hunting which can take up to months!



I love them both so don't criticise me.



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