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      My desprate lover


i was head over heals in love with him he was a fireman who loved his job he rescued me from a blazing hot fire caused by candles. We connected he was 19 so was i he one day told me we could never see each other again and left i was distort i didn't eat for days.


I got a letter in the post from him saying he only did that for he was going to war and he didn't want me to know and he was coming back tomorrow i was so happy i got in my car to meet him but there was an accident on the motorway 10 people were killed he heard this and thought i was one of them when i was only injured he killed himself leaving me feeling so guilty it was two days after i found out i was pregnant with his baby!


i loved him and still do it has been a year and i have not touched another man in a loving way.




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