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      When i finallly decided to love again but...


last year November, i met this guy through a neighbor of mine but we're not close. but the guy i met was nice & i knew that he & his girlfriend just broke up august 2007. so when he told me about his feeling, i refuse even though i like him & frankly answered him that he must think about it & be sure what he really feels for me. because 7 years with his ex is not a joke & i told him that half of his life spend with his girlfriend. i also told him that just give her time to think maybe she was just confused of what he really feels because she's working at new york & you're here in the Philippines. as day goes by, he's changing &i'm thinking that he must be another girl or might be his girlfriend had communication again. i decided to stop our communication & not seeing him anymore because he's killing me softly. i was really hurt because he was already special & i really do love him & i want him to be happy that's why  i'm letting him go. i hope he understand me. 


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