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      Is this real love?


I' ve been married for over 10 years. I always knew that I married for my daughter not for love. I thought I had excepted this.

Then one day I got a call, my childhood friend had killed herself! God the pain, no one could touch. I told her fiancÚ that if he ever needed me he should call. Well the time came that he needed answers, I did my best to try and be there for him one call turned into two, three, four until it seemed we were on the phone every waking hour.

I needed him as much as he needed me I thought this was a start of another great friendship.He told me he started to feel for me and I knew I was feeling something for him (what, I wasn't sure).

We decided to take it to another level. I don't think I even thought of what might have happened. All I know is I was feeling things I had never felt before.

I have since left my husband, knowing that I could never go back to a loveless marriage.

The calls and visits started to get fewer and fewer. I couldn't understand. I know it sounds crazy but I thought this was fate.

He doesn't have any time for me any more and at times treats me as if I'm a bother.

I cant quite describe the pain. I feel like I've lost another best friend. It's hard to wake up every day, to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder how you can go on with all this love you have inside, with no one to give it to.

Is this real love?


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