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      Hes walked and ive stumbled.


Looking at today's date, if me and the guy that i love with every bit that i am was still together we would be at the 10th month of our relationship now but were not.


10 months ago i never expected to be sat in the position i am now, I was 17 young, happy, successful in my job with no feel of need of a guy to make me the high life being young. Every week i had a different boyfriend, never serious and to be honest i didn't care for any of them or there feelings...perhaps that's why Ive been put in this position now, Ive been taut a lesson. One day i walked into my work place, a normal day and there he was sat, it turned out that he was my new manager. My first general impression of him was that he was a smug git! cocky, arrogant, as if he thought he was gods gift! i told him but the more i got to know him the more i realised that he was just hiding the many of his insecurities. he at the time had a woman and a baby, although what he said back then and lives by it to this day is that they were on the road to being over. and within a week of knowing him they was.


after a week of me knowing him he had moved into mine- to this day i still think it was mad i knew nothing about this guy but i was helping him through a decision he made to be with me! i thought back then, if he did it to her he'd do it to me but i put that to the back of my mind. after 2 months i was moving into an apartment with him, head over heals in love! he was there through everything, he gave me all i want and i tried to give him everything as well. i did all the housework (typical man!) cooking. i even found myself at 17/18 years old taking days of work so he could work looking after his baby when his ex would ring up with no notice! but i didn't care i loved his baby as she was part of him. it got to 8 months and i had left work- i wanted more for myself as far as my career was concerned so i was looking for a new job whilst he was at work. he got a promotion and well now looking back i got demoted.


After about 8 weeks i couldn't find a job no matter how hard i tried so i asked if i could have a job with him as he was the manager. he said yes but then talked me out of it he wouldn't tell me why he didn't want me there but i thought that he just wanted space. then one day his parents (who owned the apartment) suddenly popped round early one day and the apartment was a bit of a mess. within about 20 min of them being there i get a call from him yelling, yelling so much i couldn't register that he was wrong! then the next day they came round again unknown to us that they were and there was washing up on the side, i was at my mums at the time helping her move and i get a call from him 'you didn't do the washing up then?' as soon as he said it my heart sank, i knew i wasn't a slave but i also knew he was the main earner supporting both of us so it was almost fair if i did the house work. i couldn't say anything back, i hung up. i rang back and he told me to pack my bags and get out. i thought he was angry so i did and thought he'd ask me back within an hour of him getting home.


he didn't.


5 weeks later i get a text and i meet him. we had a long chat and stayed in a hotel as his parents had moved in when i left. he told me 'i love you so much i just don't get it' i don't want a girlfriend but i don't want to lose you, he decided the next day he would take the day off but in the end he had to go in as his work men were playing up but he wanted me to be quiet whilst he was on the phone. something wasn't right,what i didn't know. then next day i spoke to a mate who is mates with both me and him. i then found out he had a new g/f who he met when he got i know now that he thought the grass is greener on the other side. but i get text's asking to meet him all the time so she obviously isn't as good as me. he doesn't know i know about her yet, but he will soon!! ha ha


when he finds out i know, i will decide there and then to take him back i know if i wanted i could have him back. but i want it to be his choice. but yet i wonder if should as without trust there would be no love what i do i don't know, i guess though we will see-if my stories in the love story section in a few weeks then we all know what my choice was. things would need to be different, he'd have to quit his job, realise I'm not Mary Poppins and change his idea of what I'm there for.we'll see!




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