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It all began at Camp ######. I was in cabin 2A with three other girls: Artemisia, Tish, and Lilly. Tish and Artemisia went to the same school, so I bunked with Lilly. We soon discovered that we both liked the same flavor of ice cream, and each had two brothers in the army. When it was time to go to dinner, we walked together.

Lilly wasn't like most girls. First of all, she dressed very differently. When most girls seemed to stick to one style or label of clothing, Lilly had no obvious favorite. One day she would be wearing a Betsy Johnson dress, Calvin Klein socks, and a vintage vest. She knew every song and band imaginable, and talked way too much about bodily functions. When she talked, everyone

listened, even her worst enemies. She enticed us with amazing stories of the exotic places she had visited, and if it had been anyone else, I wouldn't have believed half the things she told us.

Despite her quirky charm that almost all the girls loved, she didn't seem to catch the attention of the boys very often. She never seemed to mind, and we spent time together when everyone else was playing the field. One boy however, did notice her, and he was the last guy any of us expected to fall for her.

His name was Alexandre. He was a French-Canadian boy of about 17. He was tall, with shaggy blonde hair and a fierce tan. She didn't notice him the first time he talked to her, but she soon became aquainted with him, and she fell. Hard. They would sit at the campfire together and make-out in the forest at the edge of the camp like everyone else, but their relationship was still unique. They acted normal around everyone else, as if they weren't more than friends, and they talked about everything. If it existed, they had discussed it in detail at least four times.

I remember one day, after a day hike, when everyone got back to camp, they went up in an old treehouse and talked. I thought about joining them, but I couldn't bring myself to ruin the perfect picture I saw. The way their faces lit up when the other talked, and the way their fingers would brush, and the way the blush spread on their cheeks, like when you spill ine on a tablecloth. It was like a fairytale.

Everyone expected them to go out until the end of the camp session, and they didn't disappoint us. We all exchanged phone numbers and email addresses at the end, and Lilly and I still keep in touch. The last I heard, she just broke up with some 22 year old, and is in advanced classes in the High School where she lives. I bet they still keep in touch though, and talk about the most insanely random things. I wonder if they make plans to meet, and talk about seeing eachother again. I hope they do, because they had something special, and I can't wait for the day I meet someone that makes me feel and act the same way they did.




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