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      He forgot me..


i was young back then when i first met him... it was summer...well at first i liked his friend..but sooner i was developed to him..he always courted me through his friend and my bestfriend..actually he never spoke a word to me saying "hi'..well me being young..thought that he was just fooling me or something..


when i first saw him..there was something different i i was struck by lightning..since that day he would pass by our house everyday and peek in..but when i look at him everytime his face becomes red and can't look into my day he sent me a message through my bestfriend saying " i saw you crying what happened?" i was touched of what he said and replied "I'm okay now ..your so sweet" "thank you..and who ever made you cry..I'm also gonna make him cry..and thanks" he said "thanks 4 what?" i asked "thanks for coming into my life" when he said that i felt like i was floating in heaven..another day we saw each other and he just smiled at me..well I didn't bother smiling back..when i came back home my bestfriend told me that he sent another message saying "you snubbed me back at school" "im sorry" i replied...everytime we see each other at school we just smile but never talk at all...i was replying to his message nicely but i wasn't really "nice"- nice to him..i actually hurt his feelings sometimes..but i was just testing if he was true to me or just fooling day he sent me a message saying " i had enough...your always making me jealous and hurting im gonna set you free..that's what u wanted right?.." when i heard that, i felt my heartbroken into pieces..i wanted to smash my head in the wall..since then he never sent messages to me..never smiled at me again and never pass by our house..then it was summer was finished again..when i saw him at school i was staring directly at him..he never looked at's like i was never there..then since..he would flirt with girls infront of me..he would ask their numbers shamelessly..


it's been 2 years..2 years..but you what i still hurts me right now? and what still makes me wait?..his promise..he told me 2 years ago " I will always love you..until the end"..but for the record he never knew that i love him deeply..all these years he never knew..even now..but it's too late to tell him because he's with another girl now..and with the look on his face..he's damnly inlove with the girl...


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