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      It Never Fails


Falling in love is like falling off of a bike. Although it hurts, you get right back up just the same and make another attempt at getting it right. As a teenager I can't even begin to tell you how many times I fell in and out of love or what I then believed to be love. Time and time again i fell for boys that never failed to break my heart and even though I knew the pain that followed I too was a heart breaker then. But, I remember the first time I truly fell in love. It was as if I was continously falling on cloud made of silk, the tenderness that caressed me as I fell made me want to fall over and over again. For us, it was honestly love at first sight, the very first time we layed eyes on eachother it was as if everyone else had disappeared. We made an instantaneous connection. Within a week we went on our first date. No one thought that we'd last, they had their doubts but, we had eachother. And who would've guessed that one year later we're still together with our love for eachother growing more and more each day. Of course we disagree and have our arguments but, it's through those hardships that our relationship grows stronger. And through the tears and the pain; love, joy, and happiness always prevail as demonstrated by our undying love for one another. So, to all you lovers out there remember that love conquers all!


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