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      Love at first text....then it all went bad:(


okay well to start off i was suppose to put my story in the love story section but it ended up here!

it all started on a thursday two days after my b-day. I recieved a text message from i number i didnt recognize saying wats up i replied bak saying whos this and he said bob no really bob i was like okay i think you have the wrong number so he just said o okay sorry ma bad. i was like its okay so he started to ask me how old am i and what school do i go to. Im a freshman and i go to j.b.a.h.s he was like cool i go to u.h.s our school's rivals! well anyways we kept texting for hours and well i dunno i had a feeling that maybe this happened for a reason you know like what are the odds. so he thought i was kool and i thought he was kool and we really had a lot of things in common. So after we had stopped texting the next day i wake up with a text in my phone GOOD MORNING how are you? wow it made me smile. After some texts he tells me that he is falling for me and im thinking wait ive never even seen you or met you before. He was like do you have a myspace and i was like yeah so he added me told me that i was pretty and well i couldnt see him because i was in s.a with my family. He told me that i was his type and that he LOVED ME! i was shocked i didnt say it back and well this was the only the second day that i have texted this guy i havent even heard your voice or seen you....but honestly i felt the same way! so the day goes by and well he finally has the balls to call me it was a little quiet at first but then the conversation went on really great...i was starting to fall for him but i didnt want to tell him i felt like if i do id be moving wayyy to fast so my mom was already getting mad at me because it was late so i told him and he was like its okay can i text you tomorrow he was like sure i would love that. Right after we hung up he sent me a text saying GOODNIGHT <3. I saw his picture on myspace and well he wasnt bad looking at all. So after that i told him and he was like i really really like you and so i told him to.

It wasnt that long that i could say i loved him either so we have been texting for about two weeks now and were madly in love with eachother he texted me every single morning good morning and goodnight at night. but we really wanted to see eachother and just be together and we were kinda getting frustrated but we didnt make it a big deal. He would talk to me with so much love he would text me that he loved me so many times and how he coudlnt stop saying it and well i was in love for the first time in my life literally ive never felt this way for anyone. He would tell me how we were going to have kids and we are going to live in a nice home. i fell more and more in love as the days went by and well this is when it all started to go wrong on a sunday afternoon he told me he was at the mall and i happen to be there too so we were excited to see eachother but i told him that i couldnt stay long so i met him and well he didnt talk to me much and i was starting to feel weird he wouldnt even look at me so when i left i texted him saying for him to text me when hes out i left at four and it was already like nine at night. o gosh what is it whats going on. I get a text message saying NOT TO BE AN ASS BUT LOOKS COUNT FOR ME I MEAN YOUR REALLY COOL AND EVERYTHING BUT MAYBE WE JUST WERENT MEANT TO BE...that exactly what the text said. I started pouring my heart out it felt as if my heart was ripped out my chest no literally it really hurt. I went crazy i couldnt beleive what he was telling me after everything we had talked about hes just going to throw everything because of my looks. I am not fat nor skinny im in between and i have green eyes and well i dunno what was wrong. I texted him your an asshole how could you do this this is very wrong u dont know how bad youve hurt me he texted bak sorry and wats up i was mad hw made it seem like if nothing had ever happened and it killed me inside. So yeah it took me about a month to get over it i was so depressed i hated myself my life i was like kill me now please! Its been about two months sonce this happens and i still think about it well him every once and a while but i do somehting to keep me from thinking!

He hasnt texted me at all and i havent and well ive been doing much better now. This was my first love even if ive never really had the chance to be with him the love cam from the words he would say i guess i was fooled that i can really find true love through texting. I think theres is my true love waiting for me this was just the wrong way to find him.

I would really like some comments of what you think of my story thanks:)



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