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      Jacob or Luke


I've known Jacob for over 4 1/2 years. we never started talking until 4th grade we sat at the same table and we were always picked to be partners out of the stick jar. here comes fifth grade... omg he's cute, a new kid. his name was Luke he was so nice to me my mom was in prison and after she got out my grandma died.. i was put into a family problems class and Luke was in there too. we started talking more and more and were like best friends. he always scared me cause he thought it was fun to watch me squeal when he jumped out and scared me or acted like he was going to push me off the bleachers Jacob didn't seem to like him very much but i still hung out with both of them. Jacob always made fun of me and my friends always told me he liked me. but i didn't listen. about 2 weeks later Luke told us he was moving to Oregon. what!!!!!!!!!!!!!? after that my chance was gone he was gone. off to Oregon. let's skip to middle school. I'm a sevie and there's couples all round me. Jacob still makes fun of me. he's always nice to me when were either walking to science, reading, lunch, and math. but when he's around his friends he's a jerk. he throws stuff in my face and tricks me and scares me but i still like him. then out of no where Alyson says she has Luke's e-mail.  e-mailed Luke and we've now sent each other over 1000 e-mails. about i week ago he asked me to e-mail a friend from Oregon for him to see if she likes him. i e-mailed her but i didn't want to because i liked him. she replied but i don't know how its going to go. Jacob and i have never had a girlfriend/boyfriend. its like were waiting till were older. i don't know whats going to happen but i hope something will because even though he makes fun and picks on me i still love him. My best friend asked Luke if he liked me he said kinda but how can we go out when he lives over 100 miles away? i guess I'll help Luke with his friend that he likes and I'll stick to liking Jacob.


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