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      Crazy in love


life was not easy as i thought, i thought life is very simple but i know how hard life is when i fall in love with some one. i became friend with him from my office friend,  i really dont know when i fall on him, he was very kind & very funny. the time i spend in chatting & talking with him i feel like i am flying in the sky. nothing else is in my mind other then him.

the way he gave me care and the way he talk to me made me to love him, the way he treat to me i also feeled that he love me too. our relation went beyond the friend ship. i did love him more then anything. He gave me lots of happiness that I never image from a person, he cared me as nothing is essential to him more then my happiness, he showed me a dreamy world that I want to always be  but unexpectedly, i dont know what happen to him. I never know after these happy days he will give me this much pain, I never thought he will hurt me that much that I could never forget him.

for no reason he left me all alone, the  only reason he showed is he is too yng for relation, yes he was only 20 and yng to a relation but that not the reason for that, but i did accept it & accepted his friend ship, but inside i was crying but never did make him realize what he did to my life. now also i am a friend of him, i really tried to be with some1 else but i dont know why i cant be with any1 else, his memories always disturb me.. i feel it impossible to me to be with some1 else.. its better to me to live in his memories then being with sum1 else.. its too good to cry 4 him then being with some one else. Now he is in love with sum1 else, but still he is 20 but this tym he dont feel that he was yng for a relation..  but still i did never complain, i feel very jealous when he talk to girls closely infront of me, i dont know i am really mad towards him... i feel like no one can fill the emptiness in my life  & NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE THE POSITION OF HIM IN MY LIFE...... but like this life is full of pains, what should i do...


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