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      Must be Nice


Let me start off by saying that I am deffinetly one who believes that when you meet "the one", you'll know it. I know love and lust. This love.


     I was in Okinawa, Japan when the man of my dreams walked in the workout room. He had on a baby blue shirt and black basketball shorts! He was so sexy! This was lust!

     Well, we didn't talk then. I was friends with a friend of his and we snuck in his room. Like some common criminals! I took a bag of chips and some dip and we left. The next thing you know this sexy creature walked in my room and took my stolen goods! i ran after him and we were playing like kids in the hallway. From that point on we were cool with each other.

     Well, one day he tried to get with me. I was going for it. We became what you call friends with benefits. We weren't girlfriend boyfriend.

We continued this for about 4 months and out of the blue he stopped talking to me. I didn't really care. After all, he wasn't mine. But a few weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. I also found out he was with someone else and they were engaged.  That's when it hit me....i like this boy. Well, word got out to him that I was pregnant and he came to talk to me. He said loved the new girl in his life. I didn't want to ruin anything, nor was I ready to have a child on my own. So, I aborted the pregnancy. We didn't even see much of each other after that. I just dealt with it alone and deep down, something was hurting me.

     A few months later, he came to my room and said he wanted to be with me. I was so happy.  We were together. A real couple and it was great. He proposed to me one day out of the blue. I said yes of course and man....I could've sworn I saw heaven! 

     I got pregnant again a few months later and we decided to keep it. We were leaving Okinawa in 6months so it would be right on time. Well, he left before me and went home to Georgia. I left shortly after and went to North Carolina. We talked and he came down to live in NC. It was great. We had the best relationship ever. He is all I ever wanted in a man and I am a good woman to him.

     Our scheduled wedding date was December 22. On December 12th he went home and on the 15th he was arrested. He is still in jail now. We write and talk as often as we can. I am going to wait as long as it takes.  It has been almost two years since I have been with the love of my live. Our daughter looks identical to him.

     I hear love stories all the time, and I say to myself, " Must Be Nice."




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