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      Shackled feet


it's funny how time can become a real big factor in ones life. i'm a young man and a lonely one too. i fell for 3 different ladys in my life and got let down and rejected by all 3. in life a person needs to walk to move forward and carry on in life. to walk most of you have someone holding your hand walking with you to guide you forward as you guide them to the next step. if i don't find someone i feel like i'll stop walking because my life is not worth living if i'm going to be living it alone. i wanna share it. readers please give me some advice on what i should do after you read the rest of this. i work very very long hours and litteraly get no days off. the mornings i get up at 3:45 and get back at about 20:30 every night. only like once every 2 months do i come off a bit early. i'm a person unlike alot of others. i'm hoping and praying that i find the right one the first time around. i'm still 'pure' so to speak in terms of a relationship as well as being intimate. i see many faults in myself but none that's so bad that i'm not deserving of love. i walk through every day with shackles on my ankles dragging my feet along as i go and i'm tired of being alone.


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