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      Does he love me????


i m the same person who posted lost love:when an old friend doesn't respond on 18th jan '08 in the heartache archive

u can read the story there

well he has responded

he has taken my mail id n we r in touch

but when i told him abt my crush on him he said he didn't mind it nthat when i'll be his age i'll realize that its all bullshit(hes just 4yrs older)

he also said that our friendships gonna last till d end

when i asked him abt love

he said that he has never loved nyone just had crushes

things which make me feel he likes me r that when he was a friend he would reply to my mails once in a month when i said i like him he gave me a lecture to focus on my studies n was back on the net in 5 daysw asking 4 a reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do u think hes interested in me at all?????

i like him a lot but i can't decide wether its acrush or love???

but i know that whenever he sends me a message i get an electric shock like feeling from inside me i hav never felt this way b4 4 ny1 although i have had numerous crushs???

why is he playing hard to get with me????


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