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      Shadows in the Dark(Ouch !it hurts!)


Two shadows were on the side of the street as I went down the stairs of the building. The girl was on the dark side of the bench,sitting, while the guy was standing. I can't hear what they were talking about. I don't know know who the girl was. The only thing I know was that, she was his girlfriend and seeing them together made my heart ache.

Fact. Yes...the fact that it hurts was because I was jealous. I am aware of the fact that this guy already has a girlfriend. They've been together for a couple of months now. As far as I know they seldom see each other.

The fact is.. i don't know .but seeing the guy made me like him even more each day. Is this love? No, I don't think so.

He looked cute when he smile, especially with those dimple on jis right cheek. He looked quite handsome with those small black eyes. He looked gentleman with the way he brings himself.

With those shadows in front of me made me torn into pieces. I was stunned for a minute then turned back and went upstairs.

I think that he do not know it yet, that I have a crush on him and I probably don't want him to know it. It's such a pain in my side whenever I see him texting knowing that it was his girlfriend his texting on. it hurts overytime I see him holding his cellphone near his ear for I know it was his girlfriend his talking to.

I know .. I know .. he has a girlfriend. I know my limitations. Don't worry I won't let him know that i like him..I'll just keep this feeling within me until it fade away.=(


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