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            It all started back in the eighth grade. One of my best friends was dating this band nerd, Nick. He was cute, funny, and he has the most gorgeous eyes that i have ever seen. Back then I really never thought about him romantically at all. Kristen(my friend he was dating) and Nick had many break ups and after all the drama Kristen had found someone new. Nick was still the same and was, i think, happier. My feelings for him grew rapidly over two months. Then everything happened.

            I decided to tell him how I felt. I had written him a letter and had waited all day to give it to him, even though he was in everyone of my classes. The next day in the morning on the bus, i was so nervous. My hands were shaking, i couldn't eat breakfast and on top of that I jumped at evey little noise. I went to my locker and hadn't seen him yet. "Good sign", i told myself. Thats when his icy fingers were placed over my eyes.

            My heartbeat quickened and he slipped the note inside my binder and headed to homeroom. After anouncements I pulled the note out and had read the five page letter. He had the same feelings towards me. Laugh while you can I had to excuse myself to the bathroom because i was crying.^^ Thorugh the summer and all of my freshman year Nick and I had our own feuds, and now i'm watching him and one of my newer friends be i Love.

           I wish I could finish this with a happy ending but my Sophomore days go by wishing his fingers were holding mine. Hopefully you'll fing your someone and beable to hold on to him or her, because once you let go you may never get another chance.



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