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      The day the monster invaded


Some time not so long ago, there lived a family in fear, and depression. Always, in fear of what the monster would do next. They were always worried about what was going to happen next. They left one day never to go back. The monster would not leave them alone. The three children were always so scared?

The mom got a divorce in January of 2000. In this divorce agreement they had shared parenting, however, the father did not follow the agreement. This became a tug of war between the families putting the children at risk. For 11 years, The family dealt with the physical and verbal abuse of this monster; They had had enough! The mother held up to the agreement with ease and not a word. However, the monster continued to harass and scare them in their home by being there almost every night insisting on taking the children.

Even with her 15-year-old daughter the monster had hit her while in his care and caused her school to call 696-kids on 10/1/2000. Then on Aug.10, 2001 Children & Family Services removed the children due to the fact that she could not protect her children from the monster. She is doing everything she can to get her children home where they belong. They took them out of her home 8-10-2001 and still have not started any counseling treatment for them. She had them in treatment every week; they were in angry management classes every week. It was time for the mother to take a stand for her children.

The mother is attending domestic violence counseling every week. , Also attends a battered womanís group every week. Also, attends general counseling every week. She has completed parenting class as well. , She also attends college now. She is going to go school to take up something that she feelís very powerful about. She is going into the human service field. So that some day she can help familyís who are going through what her family is going through now.

She has completed all the programs and even completed others without their asking.

Now it is time for her to scare the monster away! To work on what she feels she should be doing, the desire to become an effective community advocat in the area of human services and children services. becoming a family development specialist in the community for all the familyís out in the community fighting for their rights.

As of right now the mother is working with the Cleveland Empowerment Center, Tremont NOC. she has a job interview with CEOGC on 01/15/2002 for a part time position. She will be starting school on 01/14/2002.

Thank you


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