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when I met maria, well, saw her for the first time, we were at prom and she looked like a porcelain doll. then she made fun of me. now I hate her. oh yeah im also super gorgeous now but she doesnt know because she doesnt know anything. she thinks she knows everything but she really knows like, nothing. I used to be fat, now im big but not fat. i learned how to be a tiger. in love im a stealth killer baby! today this girl saw me wearing my army bandana and she was like yeah (from far) whatever buddy and then I was like lol and then she comes closer and shes like ouch. yeah. she was like crap ouch I better go 2 bed. i better go 2 the bathroom i better tell maria he HATES HER. youll find this story in love stories only because it's not a heartache story because tigers and lions dont get heartaches because even if they are the last tiger or lion on earth they fart and keep going


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