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      I Didn't See it Coming


In sixth grade I met a boy. I absolutely hated him. He was loud and annoying. It appeared that all he said was a lie, and maybe some was but I know I won't forget him.

I met him and except exploratory, he was in all my classes. About semester or third-quarter (I forgot which), I realized I had not reason to hate him and it was a little mean. So I apologized. In seventh grade, again, he was in all my classes except exploratory. I then thought he was O.K., but still loud and annoying. Everyone said he liked me, but I didn't believe it. Besides, I was practically in love with this one guy new to the school and like the other guy, in all my classes except exploratory. Then it soon was eighth grade. The first semester I liked the same guy. I still dennied that this boy liked me. But third quarter...I stopped liking that one boy. I have no idea why, but I stopped. Within a couple days I realized I liked the other guy. He was sweet and funny, loud yes, and maybe a bit annoying, but very sweet. People still say he likes me. Again I don't know if its true. One of my friends had asked if he does when I was right there, and he said no, but would he tell the truth then in front of me? Probably not. So I still am not sure. He still is in most of my classes. All day 2 and one on day 1. He stares at me all the time. All I know: I definitely like him, and he may like me...but I don't want to tell. Everyone says we'd be good together though.


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