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      A Teen Love for a Kuya


The lights were on, the stage is set. Everything is ready when I entered the hall. On my way to the dressing room, while I am wearing a nice smile, someone greeted me a good evening. I turned back and realized that he's the one I've waited to see that night.

He owed me a favor to give my best picture to him. I'd told him 6 days ago that I'll be giving him my picture. I'm a girl who's committed in words, so I let him choose from the 6 pictures on where he thinks is nice. He told me that if he can own all the pictures but sad to say it's no. At last he chose! He got 2 from the 6 then I proceed to the dressing room.

All throughout the night he's the only thing in my mind aside from my assigned task. After the show, I've got the chance to take pictures with the guests. When I went back to the hall I saw him with his brother. They congratulated me for my performance. My Mom told me to take a pictures w/ HIS brother. I want HIM to be with us but it's not.

As I walked out the door of the hall, I want to turn back and look at him. I want to tell him that I like him but I can't. It's not that I'm shy it's that I know liking him is not right.

On my way home, I can only visualize the hours that we see each other. The hours that he made me smile. The time that I knew him and the time I fall for him.

I know it's wrong...Loving him is not right...I want to deny to myself that I can't accept this feeling but NO...

What can i do when he's 7 years older than me....

I'm still young,,young at fourteen....


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