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      Love is too strong


Once there was a teenage girl and a teenage boy that loved each other more than the earth.One day the phone rang and the girl answered it....A strange voice said that there was an accident and the boy was close to death....she had to choose what to do as both his parents had died in the crash and he wanted her to make her decision.She had to choose weather to take him off life support,or put him on meds that can cause him to die,or have him on a machine FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.The doctor said she had one day to decide before he was to far gone to do anything about his condition.After crying for hours she realized what she had to do.........she put him on new meds...she was warned about the risk  but she had the strangest feeling this would work...she was in the waiting room while the doctors injected the boy with a siringe-full of powerful meds.After the doctors left she spoke to him softly that she would never leave his side even if the worst thing happens...she stayed with him for hours praying he would be the girl sen...she felt his heart beat faster and felt his soft kiss as he weakly pulled her towards him.Thank you,i love you and we will be together...together until the end...and if i die right now it still won't be the end... he closed his eyes breathing heavily,she could she that sentence must have been so hard for him,she decided to make a vow,the moment his heart stops weather it is in a hundred years or right now,she will be with him...standing by his side forever...she would sacrifice herself for him...just that moment the machines started beeping loudly...doctors rushed in...They told her to leave the room but even when they grabbed her,she batted their arm away not ever letting go of the boys hand.Around 10 minutes later the machines stopped beeping and the doctors left...she didn't know if he was going to be okay But she could feel his heartbeat and stayed there with him for another 6 hours until he woke again.the boy said I could feel you holding me when all the doctors came in,i heard them telling you to leave..and if you didn't i would of have died...i need you,i love you.the girl said i love you too she burts into tears i would never leave you,ever i love you.They hugged and kissed and layed there holding eachother...until a doctor came in...son,i know this might be hard for you but your friend has to leave just for this test then she can come back okay?? NO the girl said the girl stoot up and shouted in the doctors face I AM NOT LEAVING HIM NOT FOR YOU,NOT FOR ANYTHING! the doctor grabbed her arm and squeezeed it she screamed loudly but still  clung to the boys hand.he doctor told the nurse to get him something...he injected the girl with dose of morphine and she fell asleep on the ground and let go of the boys hand..and the moment she let go of the doctor had to resussitate the boy...his heart was failing...the doctors did all they could but it wasen't enough he was gone...the girl woke up to solem doctors around her..i am afraid the guy you were with has died.. NO YOU KILLED HIM YOU MADE ME LET GO OF HIM.. I LOVE HIM THE GIRL DIED LATER THAT NIGHT SO SHE COULD MEET HIM IN HEAVEN. LOVE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN EARTH so you shouldn't love someone too much because love is powerful and it can c ause something to bad to happen


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