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i saw this boy walking i thought he was cute,right away i asked my best friend at the time what was his name she said erick<3


after that day i never thought what would happen


i had just finished a relationship and the next day i get a message on my myspace and it was from Erick he said that he thought i was cute and we started tlkng and we ended up together at exactly 10:23 am on December 23,2006


every single dayy that passed i got more attached fighting over who loved eachother more and little things like that we had so many things in common.

our first kiss was great his skatedboard on the side and it was sprinkling


we broke up a couple of days later i was devastated for like 3 months


i kept on listening to the song he dedicated too meee


i would cry myself to sleep


i always wanted too get back with him but he would always be insecure :[


i got fed up and developed a crush on his friend he took it the wrong wwayy


and that "friend of his" ended upp just playing with mee i cant belive it


but its all good it was a lesson for mee



not to leave the one you love for the one you like cause the one you like will leave you for the one they love


i proved thats its true


i get in relaitionships but truth is i cant stopp missing him wish he was still mineee :[


he hates mee i dont know whyy but deep  down i know  i still love him



so be wiseee</3





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