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      Broken heart


I had just broken up with my boyfriend. I was talking to his brother on AIM and I started to get feelings for him. He was so nice, smart, funny, and only two years older then me. We talked for hours at a time and a relationship started to grow. One night I was at my friends house and I was messing around with him on AIM. I told him that I loved him. He told me to call him and step away from the computer because he wanted to tell my friend something. I picked up the phone, called him but never left the computer. I sat there and pretended to be my friend. He fell for it and told my friend... really me that he loved me. He told my friend that he was going to ask me out on Monday. I was so happy that I was going to have the perfect boyfriend.

    When Monday came I was talking to my ex-boyfriend and he told me that his brother already had a girlfriend. All of my friends including me told him flat out that he didn't and he was going to ask me out.

    When I got home that night I went on AIM and talked to him. He told me that he didn't have a girlfriend, but he never asked me out. When I went to school the next day I was talking to his brother again and he gave me the name of his brother's girlfriend. I decided to ask one of her friends, and it was true. He did have a girlfriend and he had lied to me. I was so broken, but I still talked to him when I got home. He told me that he DID have a girlfriend, but he also liked me. He told me that if they ever broke up he was going to ask me out. I was stupid and I fell for it.

    They finally broke up about 5 months later and he started talking to me again like nothing had happened.

    He then told me that if I wanted to go out with him, that I have to make out with him first. I didn't really want to, but he said that if I wanted to date him I had to. He also told me that if he wanted me to have sex with him, i couldn't say no. I was shocked and quickly turned him down. He hated rejection and told me to forget about everything that we had ever talked about.  About a month later I found out why he had broken up with his girlfriend. He wanted to finger her and she said "NO." So he was pissed off and broke up with her. This guy was one of my best friends, and now I know him as the guy that broke my heart and still wants to be my friend.




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