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      I gave it all but never got it back..


I was still in love with my ex-boyfriend when i met him. He was charming, handsome, different. I met him at a party with my friends, he captivated me; he was funny, sweet, flirty. Dangerous, but i still didn't know.

As we got to know better, i always held back because he had not only captivated my heart, but 2 of my friends as well. I found the courage to told him how i felt, and he said he had felt the same way too. I'll never know if that was true. Still, that same day my best friend felt the same signs too. She felt him hitting on her, too. But i looked away.

As the months went by, we loved and fought. I gave my whole to him, i was so in love, i was so naive. I fell apart, i broke inside. I guess he broke as well. The only difference was that i still loved him, even after all that. All that pain. He had found someone else.

Not only had he changed my place in his heart, he had changed completely. He was no longer the man i loved, not inside. But on the outside, each time i dreamed about him, it was him. An illusion. A memory. A heartache gone sour. My gone love... He had took my heart, promising he'd share it, he'd give his as well. But my hands are empty, my heart missing... missing him.


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