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      Long Distance Relationship Impossible?Think Again


In my 22 years of living here on Earth, I have heard lots of sad stories about relationship being ruined just because of the distance between two lovers who according to themselves are truly in love with each other but ended up losing one another.Even told me how difficult it is for them to end up the relationship though their feelings for one another are true and sincere for it's not going anywhere because again they can't be with each other. I was curious so I asked the ones that I know why can't they make it work? one said: It's impossible man, you know that there are lots of reasons for someone to lose the relationship when being away from one another. Then I asked again, Why? she said again: One reason is According to her.... You get lonely and you need someone to be with you to share each passing day together, there's a need to feel that person, their warm body and the presence of their existence and so on..... The last thing she said to me is that you can't trust that your partner will be 100% faithful to you when being far from each other when around him are the many temptations that can possibly be.

Well, I said to myself "Okey so what's the big deal? What's wrong with having a relationship with someone who is far away from you and can't be with with 24/7?

You might be wondering what the .... I am talking about??? Well let me tell you a story about a relationship that is unbelievable you won't believe that such still exist in a time like this where every relationships ends when the enemy is the distance....

He was only 17 when he met this girl who at that time was a year younger than him, who in his first impression was a snobbish girl that wouldn't even smile when you said hi to her and asked her how's she doin if you are a total stranger to her. This guy's bestfriend was the one that had an interest to her and this guy's bestfriend was courting her.The only role he has at that time was being a sidekick to his bestfriend whenever the girl is around following them whenever they go and supporting his bestfriend. But sometime later he discovered that his bestfriend was rejected by this snobbish girl for he is not her type and she was not impress of how his bestfriend acts and brags whenever they are together. At that time, the only chances he sees this girl is whenever she pass by his house to go somewhere she is supposed to go. Then unintentionally, everytime he sees this girl his impression of her being snobbish slowly disappears and he din't realize that he is slowly falling for her. A break came when he got this girl's phone number and started calling her and befriend her eventually, then he totally realized that this girl is not really a snobbish person but in fact a nice and friendly girl she is. So he took the chance to confes his feelings to this girl, because it doesn't matter for a couple more days he will leave his town and go to the city to continue his study and he will eventually forget her. But to his surprise this girl accepted him and that was the start of a very sad but happy relationship between the two of them. So thier relationship still goes on eventhogh they are a city apart from each other that the only time they can be with each other are weekends and semestral breaks. Well they can't lie about the truth that most of the time they are together the only thing they did was argue on something that is not of important and always the fault of this boy, but still this girl stayed with him even though sometime he becomes very childish and unreasonable making her cry all the time and goes over the limit like cheating on her because of the distance between them. That is the time this boy realized how lucky he is to have this girl by his side who always stayed with him and supported him all the way. Then as time pass by thier relationship became very strong that this two are unseparable not physically but emotionally and that unexplainable bond between them. Two years later and they are still with each other, then problem came, this boy have to leave her physically because his whole family are going abroad and are not sure when to come back. Instead of breaking up for it is always the best solution in a situation like that. The two made a promise with each other that this boy will come back no matter what happens and that the only person that is allowed inside his heart is this girl forever, and this girl will wait for this boy's return no matter how long will she wait for the only Mr. Right for her is him....

I know it seems impossible to keep that promise ain't it? Because you see they will be apart from each other we will not know if it is for a year, two or more right? It is insanely impossible to be honest with each other when temptations are around you.

Well I'll tell you this.... Their relationship are still alive and strong for as days pass by their love for each other just keeps on getting stronger and stronger. You might be wondering: How the **** should this person know whether they are still together or not?

I'll tell you this the boy I am talking about in my story is Me..... And the girl in the story is my Girlfriend it is true it's already three years since we saw each other in person and still counting but our love for each other is still here and becoming stronger, yes you are right how do we keep our love for each other alive??? Only one word my friends "FAITH."

For me she is my heart and as well as my soulmate. I miss her so much and as well as I love her so much.

Thanks for reading my story. sorry if it is too long. I only hope that this story of ours will give inspiration to other who are far away from their love ones. And by the way my Girlfriend and soon to be wife is in the Philippines while I'm here in Australia.

Thanks very much....


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