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      My best friend stole my boyfriend!


When I was 12, a boy moved into my best friends street. Me and my best friend were sitting on the grass outside her house and the new boy walked up to us and said hi. I blushed and said hi back.

After a few weeks, I asked him out and he said no, a couple of days later, I asked him again. This time, he said yes.

We were very happy together, always with each other. He got put in my class at school, too. One day, we went to 'Timecapsule' in Fife, where you go ice-skating and then swimming. I had never been ice-skating before and I wasnt a strong swimmer.

We held hands skating and kept falling over! But we just laughed and got up. He was so sweet, not man-handling me like most boys and looking me in the EYES and not anywhere else.

When we went for swimming, he pointed under the water and puted his lips. I immediately knew what he ment and we had already kissed, so I took a deep breath and we kissed under water!

On the way to the Timecapsule, we sat next to each other and we talked and held hands all the way there, but on the way back, he put his head under his jumper, didn't hold my hand and refused to face me.

I asked him what the matter was and he didn't say anything. I was upset he was ignoring me and I was on the verge of tears. I turned around to talk to my best friend instead. After 30mins, I thought he might fell up to chatting, but he just turned around. I asked him what the matter was and he said "you're dumped," coldly and flatly. I was shocked and sad.

A few days later, he was happy and talking to me, but something was suspicious. I went over to my friends to play on her trampoline. Her other friend was there and she said "let's play truth or dare!"

The last time she said that, she dared me and my boyfriend to kiss. I blushed and said yes.

This time was different. She dared my best friend and my boyfriend to kiss! then they said "guess who he's going out with?"

I just walked away.

Two days later was the Dalgety Bay Gala. I went to go with my best friend, but she had already left. I went to the gala myself, looking for her.

It was a waste of time, because when I saw her a couple days later, her other friend said to me that they were hiding from me because they didn't like me!

Then it was time for high school. I was nervous about starting, but it wasn't that bad. Atleast I had good friends. Or that's what I thought.

One day, me and my best friend and our other (new) best friend were sitting in the dining hall. She pulled my purse away from me and poured everything out. Then her and the new best friend laughed at me for having a library card. That was the last straw...

They had been making fun of me for AGES-my best friend had stolen one of my CD's, too. They just done anything they could to upset me. And I didn't deserve it...

I looked at them both in the eyes and asked them to stop it, they ignored me and continued laughing. I picked up my stuff and left. I didn't want to lose my friends, but I didn't want to be made fun of all the time.

I made two new best friends and we fall out, too. but nothing perminent, yet.

Ever since we fell out, they have been horrible to me, makong fun of my name, mumbling under their breaths, bumping into me.

I just put it this way:thay are pathetic, they can't stand it that I have moved on.

But why can't they?


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