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      I think that maybe, Im possibly falling for you.


November 9th, 2007 is a day that I will never forget. It changed my life, for the better, and made me believe in love. I can't explain to you how much she means to me, so I will let the story do the talking.

On that dark November night, I posted a series of bulletins, and when put together, the titles added up to a word. (I leave that part out). Well, posting that bulletin will be something that I will never regret. A girl that I had on my friends, but had never talked to, replied to one of my bulletins. And from there on out, I could not get enough of this girl.

The first night we talked, she gave me her phone number, and we talked for what seemed like forever. I felt like I had known her my whole life. We hung up, and I thought about her the whole next day. She had to go on a trip for a club at school, and when she came back, she sent me a text. "Tony my Pony. I miss you. If you're awake I think you should give your BFF a call. :P"

I called her, and we talked. After a while, I knew that this girl was the one for me. I thought about her all the time, and eventually she told me she did too. Life isn't easy for me though, and this girl had a boyfriend. Who she loved. But that didn't bother me, and I was just happy talking to her.

One day some of her friends at school decided to be jerks, and tell her she couldn't be trusted. So I got of wrestling practice, and went to her house to give her a hug, and make her feel better. She told me that we couldn't be friends, because she didn't want people to think things were going on.

I was lost, and had no idea what to do. I did what she said, because I thought that would make her happy. It just tore at me, for two weeks. And finally, I decided to talk to her again.

After a while the same thing happend again, this time it was more serious. And her and her boyfriend were having problems. So she broke up with him. And the next day I went to hang out with her, I wasn't planning on kissing her, but it happend. I can honestly say that I have never relived a kiss through my head more than I did this one.

Awhile after that she told me that she would rather go back out with her old boyfriend. I told her I understood, and she tried to make it better, but my heart was broke. I knew I loved her, more than anything in my life. So I waited two weeks, as long as I could stand. I was planning on talking to her on Valentines day.

On that day my car lost control on the highway, and I went into the median. Afraid, and lost, the first person I thought of was her. I called her, and she did her best to make me feel better. It wasn't enough. That saturday was Wrestling Sectionals, and one of our wrestlers made it to state. So I was excited, and called her. Its the best decision I have made in a while.

The more and more I talk to her, I know that she is everything I have ever wanted. I get happy when she calls me. I smile when she texts me. And everyday I look forward to hearing her voice on the phone.

I love you Bear, with all my heart.


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