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      I will never get over him, will I?


Hi my name is Mandy.

Almost a year ago I was dating this really sweet guy named Scottie. He was everything that I wanted. I have had boyfriends before Scottie and after him. None of them compared to him. when we were going out I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. I had a boyfriend that was handsome, sweet, tall and smelled good. Every day he would come over to my house. Sometimes he had plans with his best friend, and he gave up his plans for me! when he came over we would you know do typical stuff teenager couples do together. You know, Kiss hug, cuddle everyday. I even let him meet my mom and she took me and him to the movies.Yes I was in love! Well if anything Puppy love. But I felt in love with him.

Then once I called his friend Pat (that was a big mistake) and I asked him if Scottie was mad at me. He said I don't know, he just told me I was annoying. Right then my heart broke into millions of pieces. I called Scottie right a way. He wasn't home. So I dumped him on his answering machine. My adrenalin was so high I didn't know what I was doing. I said Scottie its Mandy, I just talked to Pat, and he told me you said I was annoying. I have no idea why, you liked me just a day ago. Then I said "It is over" and by the way you are the worst kisser ever. Then I hung up the phone.

When I hung up I said, Oh No! I started busting out in tears. I had no idea why I did that. Well I was over there for about an hour then I went home and checked my caller ID on my phone. Yep there was his number. All these questions were running through my mind. Is he going to yell at me? does he hate me now? Well I called him back! He answered I said I am sorry, I am so sorry! I don't want to break up. I like you a lot. I asked him, so are we officially broke up? It took him like 5 minutes to answer then he said yea I guess. Right then my eyes were flushed with tears. I let him go and cried my self to sleep that night.

Every single night for a month I would cry. I still to this day cry about him. He means everything to me. I still call him. He never calls me. NEVER. I think about him over a million times a day, I have for a year! I love him I don't know if I should tell him! but the moral to this story is, Please girls/guys if you feel like you are in love don't blow it over a dumb rumour. Calm down then talk to him/her. Don't do it when you are mad. Also don't call his/her best friend who likes you. He/she will definitely start things between your relationship.




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