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      Moving On


I am just surviving a life that is normal unhappiness. I don't know if there is such thing as true love after a broken heart. Can a heart really be repaired? I was so deeply in love with this man who gave lot of love in return but later slept with my friend. He was very nice to me for weeks while he was sleeping with my friend. How could that be?

I cried for days into weeks into months. I was even scared of falling asleep as i felt so feverish and burdened most nights. My inner being just ached for this man and every time i tried to make new friends i failed. I was no good socially as the memory of this man was always overpowering any other encounter; no matter how i felt happy the excitement faded at nights, as i become drenched in past memories.

Now i am moving on, but my poor heart is cracked in so many places; i don't know if anyone could put the pieces together again. It is such a sad thing when you have to let go off the one you love.

I got the surprise of my life lately when this man called to say he was sorry. Tell me if i should even listen!


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