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      Who would thought that my enemy became my boyfriend? :)


It started like this,when i was 10.I had an enemy,his name was Kevin.Our classmates started rumors about us,rumors like: Kevin & Tristin are dating.I ignored it and so did he.Even our adviser was teasing me & him which kind of annoyed me yet, I still ignored it.Until one day,I was chasing him because he teased me.I accidentally pushed him hard that he fell hard on the floor.Of course,I helped him up & apologized.When I look into his eyes,I notice he was sort of cute.And he stared back & asked me: I'm fine.No need to apologize.Which made me blush but I hid it.I stood up while helping him stand up also.After that day,I kept staring at him & he stares back.After a few days,I realized that I had a crush on him.The day after,our fights was lesser & we talked and hang-out longer.Our classmate were getting suspicious.But we told them that we weren't dating or anything.After a few months past,I confessed to him.He was actually surprised.After a year,we were again classmates.i didn't expect him to be my classmate.A few months past,he asked me to be him girlfriend.I answered him that I'll think about it.A few days past,October 20,07.I agreed to be his girlfriend.I didn't regret it.Almost all of our classmates knew about it & even our adviser.Until one day,one guy was asking me to be his girlfriend.I answered NO.of course :).But that guy didn't give up on me.Until one day,i found them fighting each other.I stopped them of course.I don't want any of them to get hurt 'cause of me especially Kevin.Until now,they keep on fighting.Making me stop everytime they fight which is kind of tiring.Young love? i mean,Young love triangle? :))

Up until now,me & Kevin are still dating with heartaches but we comfort each other. :D


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