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      Heart a crush...


At first I saw you,

You seemed normal.

Like any other boy.

But then it happened..


I began seeing you differently,

Like I had never seen anyone before.

I saw you as my crush.


You were cute,

Then I got to know you.

You were more that cute,

You were perfect.


I wanted to tell you how I felt,

I just didn't know how.

Maybe saying "I like you",

But that didn't seem right.


So I waited for the right time,

But you found out wrong.

I was going to tell you,

But someone else did.


You spoke to me more,

So I thought you liked me back.

Guess I was wrong.


Because when I asked you to the dance,

You said you were grounded.

I knew you were lying,

But my feeling hadn't changed...

I still liked you.


I cried over you,

Knowing you didn't like me,

But I couldn't help it.

I wanted to move on,

But couldn't.

There was a special place in my heart for you,

Even though there was no vise-versa.


I cried over and over again,

But you never cared.

I wrote notes,

But you didn't respond,

So I cried again.


It was like a cycle.



Will it ever end?

I don't know,

But I hope it will.


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