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      I'll always love u...


It all started I think when I was just 10years old. The first time I ever met him was at my cousins house. He was calledby the nickname Ducky. I thought he was just a stupid little boy who loves tomess around, especially with me. So I thought that he liked me and I told mycousin who told him. Ducky confronted me after he found out, but I denied it. Iwas still young at the time and didnít know what love was, but after he left Icouldnít stop thinking of the memories he left with me. We hadnít seen eachother for a few years and I had forgotten all about him. Then one day my cousintold me he was coming back to visit them. By that time I was already 12, Icouldnít remember him at all. But when I met him we got reacquainted. This timewe were actually more mature and we talked a lot. Telling each other storiesabout ourselves. 2 days later Ducky was going back home. I felt kind of sad becauseit felt like we had gotten close to each other. He left me some memories again.We didnít see each other, or talked for a couple of years. I didnít have hisnumber or address or email. So we couldnít talk or write to each other. Then justlast year during August he came down to visit again. I was 14 already and thistime he came play soccer with my brothers at a Hmong Soccer Tournament. And alsoat that time I had just given up on Danny, a guy who did not like me, but heliked my cousin. So I let Danny go because my cousin also loved him, and I didnítwant to hurt her. She never found out that I liked him, because I never toldher. When I first saw Ducky that morning I was not yet totally over Danny, butwhen I saw Danny with my cousin, seeing how happy and in love they were I stopped loving him at that instant. I wasstill a little sad over the matter but I tried to get over it by talking withDucky. This time we played around and messed with each other a lot. At times itfelt like we were even a couple because of the way we acted towards each other.I began to realize that I liked Ducky. And I liked him a lot. He went home thatMonday morning, I didnít even get to say goodbye to him. But he left me a bunchof memories again that Iíll always remember. For the next few months I couldnítstop thinking of him. I even thought that maybe Iíve always liked him from themoment we first met. I felt that each time we saw each other he made me fallfor him deeper and deeper each time. And when he left it felt like he wastaking a little piece of my heart with him. Then came November we were all on Thanksgivingbreak. My family wanted to go on a family vacation to North Carolina, and so we went. Little did Iknow nor did I expect it, Duckyís family also came too, they were going to playsoccer for the Hmong New Years there. Like in August we messed with each other alot but this time was a little different because we held hands. Well we werereally playing mercy and arm wrestling but we still held hands. We also sat togethera lot. Came Saturday night we were going home. He gave me more memories to addto the ones he had already given me the other times. I felt like I was more inlove with him now, but I knew that he probably didnít like me the way I likedhim. So I tried forgetting him. Till this day I still canít forget him. When wegot home from the trip I told many people close to us that I liked him. He knewabout it too, but he thought I was too young, and not ready. When I told hissister she told me he was seeing someone else. It broke my heart, and Iímtrying to get over him still to day. But I know that he will always be thenumber one guy in my heart no matter who has it.


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