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      It Must Be A Guy Thing!...


when i was 26, i met a stunning young bird, she was only 19.

beautiful, sexy, smart, blond, blue eyes and the bets part was that she was interested in me.

i met her at the all night cafe, she wasn't looking her best that night, but what a smile. we both ordered the same dink, which led to our conversation.

we talked for hours at the cafe.


i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw her the next day, she was waiting at the bus stop. in a Minni skirt! what legs!  fate must of been on our side, we then exchanged numbers. and saw each other most days. but she told me she had a night job.


my mates eyes popped out of there head when i introduced her to them, she seemed pretty nervous around them. (now i know why.)


we have been seeing each other over 8months and a bit.

until one night Saturday night one of my good mates was leaving town,

we decided to hit to red light district, we drove down the main road to have a perve, one one of my mates called out to me and sed "isnt that your Misses?".


there she was, in the same Minni skirt that she always wore for me on our "special nights."  leather boots up to the knee, and a half tank top, showing everything....


 the women of my dreams was a prostitute! i nearly threw up! just the thought of how many blokes she has been with. i never saw or spoked to her again.



later that week one of my mates that i introduced her to  confessed to me that he had slept with her many times before. i was shocked that he never told me while we were dating.

he told me that he thought i already new? she was well known. i was so upset.


to this day i still feel embarrassed that i had no clue. since then i had a HIV test and every other test to make sure i never caught any thing.

 Im in the clear...


now when i see someone i fancy, i make sure they tell me what there job is!





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