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      My true love....


I am turning 22 now and I had a bf for almost two years and I felt so happy if i am with him......



before I meet him I'm on deeply doubt because before i left my country I had a promised with one good guy too and we've been 8 months in that time when I came here in this Arab country I don't know if i still love my previous bf after meeting this Arab one.we are almost fighting everyday even he is far away from me,he is sending message has a bad words there,accusing me,insulting me and judging me.So days passing by and I just got shocked when I noticed that i had a good feelings with this Arab and because i knew it since before that he loves me very much and I can feel that I just ride on his feelings for me too...without thinking about the consequences


Until time comes that i encountered a problem on my visa and i have to send back in my own country and i am about to meet my ex bf and i know that we don't have formal break up,and when i came home we talked sincerely but I never admit that I had relationship with my bf right now,then he won't believed me, and that was the time we had an official broke up.


 but i stayed in my country for almost 7 months but my Arab bf didn't stop calling me and sending e-mail's to make me believes that his love is pure,last November i started working here in UAE and I am very happy with the fact that I found the love of my life..he is very sweet and lovable Arab!!


Until one day we fought just because of small things I made and we are almost shouting to each other and I just cried because he is very angry and I explained my side but he is not listening,until we go home and when he dropped me home I sent message telling him the real truth and feelings i had been with him since before,all truths....and I asked for a cool off and he agreed...days passing by and I cannot sleep without crying,i don't wanted to eat,seems that I don't want to continue my life without seeing him,without talking with him on the phone...I felt my life was so empty without him.

I decided to sent e-mail saying sorry and I admit my mistakes,then he called me back and I explain everything then he said we will meet on weekend..


week end comes.....


we are on his car and we are talking another topic maybe because we are both scared to open the previous topic,and when we came in our destination I said sorry,and he stopped me by saying "you don't have to say sorry because I realized i had mistakes also in our relationship and i just listening to him and i wanted to cry but i controlled my self because i know he hates me seeing crying...


and after those open forum between me and him our relationship now was so tight and bonded...he can give now whatever i wanted...and i become spoiled brat on him.

yeah..I admit we are also having sex,and i know its a big mistakes i ever had.having sex to the guy you loved but not your husband yet...but i loved him very much,the problem is he is a single parent and he has 8 kids whose very different in attitude,and because of that fact i know that he can't able to marry me,but i want to be with him for the rest of my life...


I need an advice from those special people who read my simple love story...please e-mail on this ad.(



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