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      My cousin stole my husband


My name is Van. I was married for 14 years and during that time I became ill with cancer. I beat the cancer but was left with some damage and had to go on disability.

My husband and I moved into the house next to my cousin about the time I was going on disability. He didn't seem to care for her too much and I never knew that she and her husband had marital problems. She had tried to take more than one husband away from other women. She started coming on to my husband and he went into his "middle age crazies". She is almost 10 years older than my husband but he lost his head over her. Pretty she wasn't but she thought she was the most wanted woman in the world. She left her husband of 34 years to move into an apartment with my husband. He left me Friday and my Mom died of cancer Sunday. He even tried to put all the blame on me. My cancer took a toll on him, he said.

What if he had been the one with cancer? How cruel can one man be???


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