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So yea, i fell in love with a guy, like he was my first boyfriend, so of course I thought i was in love.  We'd go on long walks by the beach, and watch movies, and laugh.  But then i found out he was gay..... and yea, your probably laughing, and i was too! but it stunk really bad, so of course i dumped him and lived on for the next few months feeling like the biggest chump in the entire world....  and i tried to date other guys but it just didn't work and i just kept thinking how much of a loser i was that the only guy i could be happy with was gay.   So then, i just kinda gave up, and i became really close with my friends, and just be myself, a teenage girl having fun, and before i knew it I'd forgotten all about the embarrassing situation from the past summer and i was happy just being myself..  And then i met a boy and with that independence of not always needing someone else, i created the most amazing relationships I've ever been in and I'm so in love, so girls, what I'm trying to say is, don't be desperate for a boy, and don't get too upset over a boy, because the best relationships come with the background of independence.  And to watch out for the gay ones....


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