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      When will she realise i love her so much


I first met her when i was 16.i was one of the studious guys around..i had to prepare 4 my admission to my dream college and i was too immersed in studies.we boys all noticed her because she was really pretty.

but i soon lost interest.jessica was the studious type too.competition was high and survival was primary.some of my frustration went off with a temper was running high and i hated myself 4 the fact that i let myself be like this.

whatever she told me i found it nasty(she did nag me a few times though).and i had the habit of showing my anger.i knew deep in my heart she was a nice girl and that was the reason i apologised to her 4 every rubbish i said to her every single time.

in my final schoolyear i realised there was no point in this ratrace.i started to see her as a good friend i could trust,and i realised we had a lot of things in common.she was more relaxed with me and i knew from the look of her eyes,she waSn't averse to me.we did have her small fights but now things were so different. when school was over,i was head over heals.when my results were published,she called me 4 the first time to congratulate now the pain of separation was starting to get hold of me.

i sent her an email,asking how she was and all.She said she was fine and to keep in touch.she called me again and 4 the first time we talked freely.We talked abt simple silly things, which were so sweet,and i loved every minute of it.when she got her cell she called me.

we joined different colleges.but i couldn't stop thinking abt her.

I kept on calling her 4 every little thing.i was too scared to admit that i lve her.a sunday i discussd this to my clse friends.they told me there was no point running around.i got my guts and told her i love her.she said no i don't love u.

i can only think of u as a good friend.she called me later and told me she didn't want to hurt my feelings but this wouldn't work out.from what her friends tell me she has something 4 me.i don't know whether it's just real true friendship.she had admitted that she had never talked to any boy as much as she talked to me.and she said she loved talking to me.but she doesn't love me.

just to check out,i talked to her abt my old crushes.she Disconnected and didn't answer my calls that day.i am from asia and here general perception is that good girls never have bfs.

crazy as it sounds

people out there i need some kind of do i make her realise how much i love her?


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