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      True Love never ends...


People say that 2 cant fall in love in 8th grade when your both 14 years old....well im hear to inform you that is simply not true.



   Me and Hunter started going out in 7th grade the day after valentines day...i really liked him but it deffenitly wasnt love. So as the days went by i feel in love literally fell in love....and i KNOW he loved me back..but i was also starting to have second thoughts....i thought i was too young to be in a relationship so serious. So i decided to end the broke both of our hearts. So we continued to talk and hang out and we MAJORLY flirting....but 8th grade started and we both found other people..i was in a relationship for 4months with a really wonderful guy who i know loved me but i just didnt feel that same way for him...and it wasnt fair if i kept him hanging on. i broke off that relationship too...but i cant seem to get hunter off my mind...and he called me up and we were talking and we both decided that we should start over...since we are older now...but bottom line i never stopped loving him and no matter wnat happens i never will ever stop...i may find someone else it it doenst work out for us..but hunter will always be in the back of my mind.I will love him forever.and ever.



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