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      The Wilted Roses


I met the man of my dreams in the local pub down the road. I had seen him around and he is pretty spunky. When he approached me at the pub I nearly fell over. Can I just say our relationship was intense from that first night.

We had been seeing each other for about two months and every Friday afternoon he would give me flowers as I arrived at his house. We never went out after that first night spending all our time just "cuddling"on his couch. I fell in love.

My friends wanted to meet this guy but he put it off saying that all we needed was each other. Out of the blue I received a txt saying he didn't want to see me anymore. I rang him and we fought I guess I said some nasty things and thought if I bought him some flowers he might forgive me and take me back.

I went to the local florest and couldnt believe when I saw his hansome back turned to me. I was thinking that he was buying me flowers so I quickly left and went back when I saw him leave. Feeling happy I decided to buy him a bunch as well and I asked the girl if the guy before me had bought a special bunch as I wanted to match him.

My heart was broken when she said" that was my fiance . I give him flowers on the weekends as I have to travel to do a couse in the city every weekend"

I ran out the store crying and now he wont answer his phone. The girl isnt that attractive and I wonder where I went wrong.

I think I will have to tell the girl if he dosnt answer my calls soon.


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