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      My First Love


Some say u can't know what true love is when you are in your teens. I can truthfully say this statement is false. I was 15 when I first met the most amazing guy I had ever seen. His bright green eyes showed me something I had never seen in any other before.

Hanging out with him for the second day I knew he was someone that I would never forget. I had dreamt of boys like this. He was everything that I could have ever wanted and more. That was the shocking thing, he was everything I had ever said I wanted in a guy, and THEN some. Inside and out, he was perfect. More than perfect.

Everything was wonderful, besides one small fact. I had been on vacation when I met him, vacation across my state. We kissed under the stars and layed together in the back of my friends pick up truck, talking for hours. I had felt feelings in two days that I hadn't know a parson could feel, ever.

The time came to leave, and I felt a heartache I can't explain to you in words. How could I have fallen in love in two days? Am I even in love? My head was spinning but i was sure of one thing, I would never forget him.

It has been over a year and 4 months and my feeling for this boy have not changed. I've been back to my vacation spot quite a few times and I'm very good friends with alot of people living there. I would say this place is my home away from home. Though everytime I visit, I can't help but think what he is doing, if I will see him, and why I still feel this way after so long?

I've met someone new now, this boy is equally great. Although equally great, nothing can complair with the first. The ironic thing is, my new boy is the first's really good friend. Even best friend. He doesn't know my feelings for his long time pal, and it kills me every day to say "I love you" on the phone to him at night and wish I was saying it the the shy boy I can hear in the backround noise.


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