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      I wish you could know


one regret that i will have nurtured in my heart all through my life is that you could never realize how much i love you, how true it was n how u shook my life up.i am grateful to you that you made my claen up the mess that i had created in my life, you helped me take a decision n stand by it, no matter what.but what you did to me after that left me all bitter for my entire life. something has died within me after you are gone. though i have moved on, i still cant let your memories go, and i feel as if i am cheating my partner because i still feel empty without you, still want your words to fill my life........u would always remain a part of me...i have tried to hate you, but love has always interrupted. i wish you could feel my pain just for once.please dont do same to anyone else what you did to me.its hurts worse than hell...i hope my request reaches you


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