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      Young Love


Everyone will think i am to young to know what true love feels like. Well i am 14 going on 15 and the guy i fell in love with is 15 going on 16. When i set eyes on him i new he was the one for me. It all start when he came to are school, We didn't know each other at the start but then we got to know each other as he was in most of my lessons and we started becoming very good friends and that when we started to getting to no each other, That when we both realised we had alot in common with one another. I fancied him alot when i got to no him and i was so scared in telling him. But everyday i saw him i grew more more in love with him by the minute, But i didn't no it he felt the same way about me even though one day we both were in a technology class together were he was kissing me and i still didn't realise he liked me until someone said ( How stupid of me ). One after noon before school was about to finish he came up to me and asked if he could talk with me, My heart was pumping so fast and i was getting butterflies from just hearing his voice. We Were then outside waiting to catch are buses home, That when we both looked up at each other and just kissed it felt amazing and my heart melted and that when he said to me i guess were going out then , i was like yep i guess were are . We have been together for 2 years now. He is the best kiss of my whole life. Every time he looks into my eyes and tells me that he loves me and when he cuddles me i never want this to end, and all the love we have made will never get replaced and all the memories we share will stay with us until the day we die and there is always going to be a place in my heart for that one person and that one person is you my Darling Matt may. I am always going to love you . 



                                            Thank you for reading .




            By Nina Mason 


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