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      I just can't win


me and my boyfriend were amazing together. everyone was so happy for us and they all could tell how happy we were together. i mean yeah we had our problems and we fought but who doesn't?? the first day i told him i loved him wow i can remember it like it was yesterday i called him on the phone i wanted to do it in person but i couldn't i dont know why but anyways the day after i told him he was holding me and asked me what i said to him last night well i got mad thinking he didnt hear me so i told him again alls he did was smile hold me tighter and kiss me. it took him like 2 weeks to tell me he loved me back. man i was soo happy i didnt think i could ever be happier. well two days after he told me he loved me he broke up with me called me the "c" word and left. i was so mad but still so in love with him. i just let it go and i thought i let him go too. well two months went by and he got another girl friend i was so mad because that was the man of my dreams with another girl. the day they broke up i messaged him telling him that i still loved him and wanted him back. he told me he still liked me i was so happy. two days later he comes over my house to tell me that his ex is pregnant and that it is his. my heart got broken again. i just couldnt win. but he told me he still liked me and that him and his ex were not getting back together. we would talk just about everyday and we would still sleep together every now and then. but then one day he just stopped talking to me the day after we had sex. i asked him why he didnt talk to me any more and he told me b/c he is having a baby he feels like we cant be together but he still had sex with me that day. now he still has not talked to me and i still can only think about him.


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